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Rowa Douglas

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

As the idiom says, learn how to walk before you can run, with this simple learning website we set off our English language learning journey. This website in its rudimentary contents has been designed to be one of the useful learning resources in the world of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) industry. We aim at providing learners with almost all available materials that would contribute to improving their language skills, the speaking, listening, writing and reading.

To that end, I have considered some ideas to be taken place in terms of improving this site. Firstly, adding extra language demonstrations and explanations followed by certain activities so that students could check their understanding and enhance their knowledge about the topics covered.

Secondly, classifying language topics and activities based on students’ levels. Categorizing students into different levels from the beginners up to the advanced is the way to do that. Accordingly, a placement test is to be included in the website where instant results are shown at the end of the test. The test will include questions ranging from simple to tough in order to determine the precise level of learners’ language proficiency. Another thing to bear in mind is including questions that cover the four basic language skills.

Thirdly, adding a teacher tab in the site and name it ‘Teacher zone’ where teachers can browse available lesson plans, teaching ideas, printable worksheets and some practical resources for teachers’ continuous development. Furthermore, uploading English grammar and vocabulary books would be beneficial for both, teachers and learners.

Moreover, creating a forum and chat rooms within the site would definitely enable students to communicate effectively talking and discussing language issues as well as improving their interpersonal conversational abilities. Besides that, we plan to link the site with Facebook and Twitter social networks which have become almost a necessity recently.

Uploading videos sounds a great idea to be included in the site; visual aids are enhancing our learning process and creating more exposure to the language. YouTube is the place where a myriad of language-related videos are found, thus, we may choose some and include them in our site. Alternatively, teachers can record themselves teaching their classes and upload their recordings to the site immediately.

Equally important, visitors’ comments and suggestions are highly appreciated and taken into consideration; hence, a new tab should be added in which visitors are kindly asked to put forward their opinions, ideas, preferences, suggestions and even their contributions. Also, I would suggest that learners be able to create their own accounts where they can save their files, documents , photos, favorite recordings and videos as well as creating their personal profiles. Learners can send and receive messages from other members.

On the basis of good feedback received from learners as well as teachers, we may consider hiring experienced teachers to deliver IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC training courses online at a reasonable price. Additionally, we could co-operate with some pioneer teacher training providers such as the ICAL TEFL to run other teacher training courses such as the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TYL (Teaching Young Learners) and Business English certificates.

Finally, I hope we could reach for our desired goal on which this website has been created. And we contribute in promoting English as a lingua franca which is the language of international communication. I would seek help and assistance from my colleagues and those passionate teachers who strive to do their best in the world of ELT (English Language Teaching) to make this project as successful as desired, a dream come true and feel our efforts come to fruition. As I have mentioned earlier, our website is simple and still under process, we should search for the basics and then move further and further through hard working , enthusiasm ,determination, assiduity and diligence.